beginner blogHiya!

I try to make free my stupidity, ignorance and my ego fear. I document my real life story, my challenge… I don’t wanna wait. I am pretty excited. This is also my real training field in my practice of the English Language.

The transformation of knowledge into the experience – this is my goal. Wherever it can be applied.

Hobbies: history, science, psychology, literature, spirituality are the areas that I have always been interested in.

This is also a linguistic experiment that I carry out on my own. But the truth is that I want to live a full life and I deeply believe that I can be useful to others

This goal is never ending, this goal is a process. It is the fascinating road for me. That is why I have to improve my English.

I have my duties -family, job and 24 hours per 7 days time, like all of us. That’s why I chose this blog, Facebook, Youtube other media on the cybersphere to improve my English (easy access).

How to convert theory into practical applications. This is my task and I will try to document my progress and failures. I invite you, have fun.


Paweł Kosinski





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