Unmasking stupidity

A look at your own views and opinions gives us a chance to change them and grow in the new direction.
Uncritical acceptance of the opinions of other people is a limitation. Do you want to be limited in thinking – this is stupid. Above all, it is not necessary at all.
 Asking yourself the questions is positive. Why the hell do I think so and not differently?
If people would not deny the opinion:
„people will never fly.” Nobody would invent a plane.
To some extent, something new arises on the ruins of the old one.
You can imagine that slavery was something normal for many hundreds of years. Until 1918, women couldn’t vote.What was before? Now we see how stupid it was.There are thousands of such examples.
 There were always people who did not want change, who believed that change is evil.
 Although the greatest folly is the belief that you can go back to what it was. Some believe it.
And everything that surrounds us is subject to constant change.
In my opinion, it is important to constantly update knowledge.
Verification of own opinions and views is the basis for keeping up with changes.
It is also foolish to expect that change will come to us from outside.
 If you wake up in the morning and you can not wait to start working – ok, you’re lucky. Show others how you do it, share it, and inspire others to change.

Let me give you some examples:
Getting up in the morning is hard,
Going to work is difficult,
At work I am tired and think about home.
At home I can not rest and I still think about work.

I will keep repeating it. This way of thinking is stupid.

Let yourself change your thinking. This is not advice, it’s a proposition. I started with the question: what I’m thinking about now?

This is just one question I asked myself from morning to evening.
Now I do not think, I know it works – for me.
Self-observation of thoughts is an introduction to unmasking stupidity.

Therefore, the ability to observe thoughts, views, and opinions is,
in my opinion, the starting point. Any exposed stupidity will stop working.
But remember, do not believe me – see for yourself, check it out.
Thanks for your attention, please correct my mistakes
 and tell me what you think about all of this.
Pawel Kosinski


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