The Joy of Being

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The joy of being

The feeling of happiness or unhappiness

depends on what is happening around us.

The sense of happiness and unhappiness is short-lived. I will compare them to the taste of food. When you eat something tasty you feel pleasure, you enjoy the taste. The moment you finish your food, the taste goes away. Similarly, when you ate something that was unpalatable, this disgust also goes away.

The joy of being is the awareness

that we can experience all of this (taste and disgust)

Everyday events are directly relevant to your and my sense of happiness and unhappiness. The events you encounter depend partly on you (you passed the driving test – you feel satisfaction), from other people (someone in the car park damaged the mirror in your car – you feel nervous) and from the World (beautiful weather – you feel the pleasure of walking around the park). In each of these three cases, the feeling of happiness or unhappiness sooner or later passes away.

It depends on you what you do and how you do it. The quality of your operation depends on you. This action is not always effective. You make mistakes – but when you commit them, you act on 100 percent of your abilities at a given moment – You do what you can do. After all, it is obvious that you can use all the resources you have at the moment – knowledge, practical experience, and the effect of this action may be far from your expectations.

When the fault is noticed, it opens in front of you the way to development. You have to find another way.
The mistake becomes a signpost
for the right solution.

If we assume that thanks to the mistakes, we are developing, our attitude will not be ruined, but on the contrary – it will give us the strength to continue our action. Here is the reason why you should change your attitude to mistakes. You can even like mistakes.

By making mistakes, we feel dissatisfaction, and maybe even nervousness (short-lived disaster – disappears like the taste of sour lemon).

Awareness of participating in the development process

– regardless of the momentary ups and downs –

will be the Joy of Being.

I wish it for you and myself.

Thank you for your attention. Please correct my mistakes and let me know what you think about it.

Pawel Kosinski



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