Notes. Briefly about self-awareness

Self aSelf-awareness allows you to discover yourself
who you really are, not what you would like to be.
When you understand who you are you will start to realize yourself truly.
Who you would like to be is a guideline towards the goal,
but it can also be a reason to escape from the real yourself.
Escape to imaginary life roles.
These roles are so attractive in our imagination that we do nothing else,
 we only think about them.
For example, about being a millionaire.
The vision is attractive, but if you do nothing to achieve it,
then this is just an imaginary bubble that,
like a soap bubble, quickly cracks in contact with something real.
You can have great visions, great goals,
but tasks that will bring you closer to the goal must be
concrete, real. These must be tasks that you can start doing
 now without any excuses.
If you think that you do not have time to realize, your dreams,
then realize that
that these are not your dreams.
This is an example of self-awareness.
Suddenly you realize where you are
  and what you can do NOW,
Get down to the earth,be practical and realistic., pay attention to what you are really doing.
Every step you take is for something.
You will quickly realize that you are going in the right direction or not.
  Maybe you’ll let go of the one hour watching TV
 – you have time that you can use to get closer to the daily goal.
 The small tasks that you achieve every day.
 You know you’re on the right track.
You know that millionaires also do these little steps, they say about it.
Through self-awareness, you discover yourself as you are
It is only at this moment (I call it the zero point),
you can see in which direction to follow which path to follow.
As usual, I encourage you to practice self-observation, self-awareness
not only through meditation in the lotus position.
First of all, I encourage you to pay attention to your own
 sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings,
in every circumstance of everyday life.
 And remember, self-observation it is not judging yourself but insight into yourself.
Thanks for your attention – until next time.


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