Practices with my own anger

AngryHi, today I have an exercise for you with „my own anger”. Practical, useful on the way to extend self-awareness. I immediately go to the subject:
When I’ll notice the feeling of anger, nervousness, irritation in everyday situations, caused by my behavior, the behavior of others or by any situation
Then I will ask myself:
What am I afraid of now? What can I lose now?
For simplicity, you can use an additional trick:
– take a deep breath,
– ask in your mind the question: „What am I afraid of now, what can I lose?
– when exhaling, focus attention on the sensations in your body
And repeat it until you feel emotional relief.
A short and easy exercise, however not everyone can its practice. As you have already noticed at the beginning, there is:
The condition first: „When I’ll notice the feeling”. Well, it is not difficult to notice your own feelings, but it should occur when you feel it (at the same moment), and not after reacting to this feeling. It is very important
In other words: „I feel the anger in me” and not: „I was angry and said what I think about him”.
If you have difficulty in noticing your own feelings, thoughts, dialogues or internal monologues, or until now you have not practiced that, just start directing your attention to your feelings, thoughts and emotions as often as possible during the day. From the moment of awakening in the morning to falling asleep at night.
The second condition: as any of exercise, this it seems to be exceptionally easy, it should be practiced and experienced. Only the knowledge about this exercise is completely unhelpful.
„What am I afraid of now, what can I lose”?
This question asked at the right moment, it draws you out of identification with anger.
You stop reacting and you have a chance to start creating actions in relation to the existing situation.
This is the purpose of this practice, not the answer to this question, „what am I afraid of now?”. We do not play the game like the psychotherapists.
If you start talking to yourself by thinking up the answer to this question, it means that your ego has got you into the game.
But practice until the answer to this question becomes a mystery and the discovery of which will take you even deeper into yourself.
That’s all, thanks for your attention, please let me know what you think about it.
Until next time.

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