Exercise: return to the present

PracticeLearn t”o enjoy what you already have,
this skill will come in handy when your dreams come true”.
We all have dreams, we all implement them or at least try.
All in accordance with our abilities to acquire new skills.
Some of us do not even have to use the name „dreams” just do their thing.
They do what they feel they should do.
Those people trust in yourself, they believe in their own skills
and they are ready to take new ones.
However, there is something in it that is absolutely unnecessary, something
what appears and accompanies us almost every day, or every hour:
Negative feelings: bad mood, unjustified guilt, lack of sense, nervous tension …
As if the joy of the path we follow was not strong enough.
In my opinion, this is due to frequent staying
beyond the present.
The present seems less attractive to us than the vision of the future.
The present is our reality and the future an illusion.
You have to go back to the present and open yourself to it.
What does it mean?
If you start devoting as much time for the present as you sacrifice
for the future, then you will find more reasons to be satisfied than
you think.
Focus on what you have. Be aware of all your senses.
The ability to see what is – no matter what you perceive.
Possibility of seeing, hearing, touching, smell …
The ability to breathe, to move … Start focusing attention on what’s inside of you.
Any type of physical activity draws your attention to your body
and at the same time takes you out of the illusions of the future and the past.
Focusing on the feeling of your own body can be practiced
everywhere, not only in the gym or on the mat.
When you sit in front of the monitor screen or phone, take a moment
and notice how you sit, in what position your spine is, and which
the muscles are unnecessarily strained …
When you walk, clean and cut carrots –
your attention is here where is your body and its sensations are.
In this way, you learn to enjoy what is – not what it is.
Nice experience in practice.
Pawel Kosinski


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