Note 2. Learned conditions

Warunki happy

We were taught to „conditions” of happiness,
We were taught to „desires” of being loved, admired.
But to live our own lives, we have to
unlearn this nonsense.
When conditions are set, for example to achieve something,
after fulfilling them you have a sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction similarly
how excitement is an emotion that comes and goes like any other
positive or negative emotion.
When you wake up in the morning with an unjustified sense of joy
you can enjoy it without any conditions until the moment
when the mind starts to analyze this situation.
The mind of the psychologist with scientific accuracy will analyze all
conditions, at all logic levels. From what you’ve eaten
for dinner, how much water you have drunk, what kind of
pillow you have, what temperature in a room.
Often a doctoral dissertation arises from this.
The effects and causes are determined. All conditions are described
very precisely. „I found a justification for a sense of joy!”
One day, you wake up in the morning and your joy overwhelmed the mind
with the desire to feel joy. You feel exactly the opposite,
you feel a lack of joy. This is the reason for your concern.
What are you doing? You reach for a doctoral dissertation.
You get acquainted with the conditions, whose fulfillment is necessary for success.
What follows is sad. The next few months, maybe
even for several years you are trying to meet the conditions that will allow you to return to
this feeling of joy, after which only a vague memory remains.
You can still admire the tools that scientists gave you in your hand either
you can start the reverse process completely. You can start to unlearn yourself
meet the conditions and start to calm the mind when its activity
it is not necessary.
The next time you experience a feeling of joy – do not analyze, do not describe, just
be happy.
Thanks for your time.
Pawel Kosinski


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