Note 3. Cheap fear

fear fantasySomebody said: „The easiest way is to sell fear”
Therefore, do not buy.
Each of us has access to ideas, concepts, and new solutions in all areas of life. At your fingertips, you have access to motivation, inspiration, even to methods that release more energy … but not everyone wants to „buy”.
Among the many answers to the question of why this is happening. „Why I don’t buy what is available”? One seems to be quite obvious …
„I do not buy this because the costs are too high”.
Idea – requires commitment, at least intellectual, to consider for and against.
Concepts – they can inspire action, and action can involve effort.
Motivation can unleash the start energy and your everyday behaviors will undergo a total transformation.
After all, you „buy” a reason for action, activation. For the price of time and effort.
What inhibits you is your mental condition, which you train every day.
If your mental condition connects almost any activity primarily with the effort, you will begin to doubt the „purchase” of these products. You associate the effort with something negative, especially when you often feed on remembering of situations that in your opinion were failures.
From the heartbreak to divorce, from the fall of your first business to debts in banks, from the lack of education that you consider a reason for not having a career, to washing up dishes in a foreign, better country. I will not mention age barriers. Either I’m too young or too old …
If you think about similar situations, you do not even have time to start something from the beginning. You think that it makes no sense because every action seems to be futile.
In this situation, the real treasure seems to be: Courage
But you feel its lack because:
„You buy” and „you sell” what is cheap and popular: Fear
Everyone sells it. From grandma and grandpa, parents, friends, enemy and strangers to the news on TV …
There may be many reasons for this behavior. In my opinion, one of them is the fact that almost everyone buys it. I can give someone a dose of fear without any stress (fear of failing).
How easy it is to repeat and imitate others like „monkey”:
– „it will be the end of the world, the climate is changing” – instead of what I can give to World in the context of climate protection
– „more and more people are suffering from cancer” – instead of thinking about what I can do for a healthy body
– „people are envious, selfish, and interested” –  instead of looking at my own behaviors, thoughts, and starting to change them.
I do not want to touch the world of politics, religion and other ideologies.
  This is obviously the tip of the iceberg.
What we should do is realize that we are not „monkeys”. Monkeys have different functions in the world.
We are human beings, we have an extraordinary ability to learn and acquire new skills.
Time and effort do not qualify as a cost. This is an element of our everyday life (like breathing).
My favorite author of my youth (Anthony de Mello) used to say: „There is only one evil in the world – fear, there is only one good in the world – love”.
Is it not simple and it hits the very core of our existence. Fear takes on various forms and love also.
To stand on the side of what is, on the side of consciousness – means the effort to recognize and admit the negative feelings that are in us, not outside us.
Listening to your own inner voice, which hides and protects our ignorance, fearing that the alleged truth about stupidity will come to light is pointless. It’s worth telling yourself:
– I have enough fear of an opinion of others about me
– I have enough of pretending that gossip interests me
-I have enough of hiding behind the backs of others
-I have  enough of trying to be wise in the eyes of others
-I have enough of agreeing to everything with everyone, just to not lose their sympathy
– I have enough of fear of failure
– I have quite enough of fear
You can add here what you really have enough.
I admit that if you have reached this place, you have a great potential for courage. I am already starting to feel a heavy atmosphere, which is why regardless of the circumstances:
I DO NOT BUY FEAR, let alone sell it!
Pawel Kosinski

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