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happiness[extended post from December 2017]
Tell this to your dad, mum, maybe a friend, sister or maybe grandma …
Tell this to yourself! Time to speed up, or forget about dozing in the chair for the next 50 years.
Anyway. I do not care. It is time to speed up before your brain turns into a dried plum.
Permitting such a process of intellectual degradation – however, this sounds –  it is stupid.
Speed up in acquiring new skills and update the ones you already own.
I do not mean practical gym classes or the ability to run continuously for over 2 hours.
I am thinking about modern technology – the Internet: social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and a dozen or so available immediately.
This is not a guide on how to do it, but rather a motivation to get involved more
 in the use of the Internet, which offers tools that allow you to be a little bit different
 from looking after your home garden or solving crosswords.
If you do not learn how to use them now, in 10 years you will not know how to use the phone, maybe you will not recognize it. Using Internet tools and all of this modern technology is not only passive browsing content but above all documenting and creating.
If someone does not use these tools – I encourage you: just do it.
However, all those who use social media platforms- please spread around this idea.
In the past, parents were sentenced to „old age”, because at a certain age they could not pick up a bag of potatoes or keep a hammer in hand at the factory.
After hard work, they became useless, exploited and, most of all, replaced by younger and stronger – who now, slowly, replace machines, Thank God!
Parents for „old age” were closing at home with radio, tv and a line phone, which they used every few days (including calls from marketers) because children have traveled all over the world – But it was in the past.
Maybe it’s time to get some speed up! And start learning new skills in using tools on the internet. This is needed for effective and efficient brain work.
At the beginning, let’s try to break down the myths:
Friends on social networks are virtual friends and when you need real help they will disappear (?)
A social platform is a much more powerful tool, incomparably more powerful than a phone, and thanks to it you communicate with your friends and with the rest of the world.
What kind of friends you have depends on you. It may be a neighbor from the same street, a friend from the youth or even friends from the church choir – these are real people who use communication tools. Real people connected by a modern medium, eg Facebook.
With the help of social networks, you discover and learn more than you think about another human being. You also showing yourself.
Because openness is essential. „Talking heads” of TV programs are becoming less and less important unless they build their personal brand on social networks.
Even TV celebrities show their true self, although they still play, they still pretend, but the Internet community will sooner or later recognize the true character, charisma, truth – there will always be people whose goal is to have as many followers as possible.
But when someone „captures” this crowd of viewers (maybe by technical tricks), always, but it always stands before the question:
And what now?
What now can I give to those people who have chosen to pay attention to me and … such a person must give his audience some value if he wants to keep his audience.
Because one of the basic principles of functioning on the Internet is:
You choose whom and what: watching, listening, reading
Besides, the absolutely basic advantage of communication in cyberspace is the creation and belonging to a community that is created on the basis of common interests.
There are people for whom this membership in the community is fully satisfying without building a specific personal brand, without building a large audience, which is the basis for business operations.
Another advantage:
Regardless of the age and time that you have, you can start right away right now – unless you do not have even a free half an hour.
Let’s assume you already know how to set up an account – let it be – Facebook. Besides, knowledge about navigating in social media is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You have an account. Family, friends and what you are interested in goes to the first fire but you also want to discover a group of people connected each other due to – for example – your place of residence – a closed group associating further and close neighbors from the same street or town.
Maybe your neighbors do not have an account on FB yet, this is an opportunity to ask about it and provoke action.
In such a micro-community, you exchange information about your neighbor’s life. Anyway, I suspect that you know most of your neighbors only by sight. Now you have the chance to connect with every neighbor, they are real people.
The same applies to the parents’ community whose children are attending the same school … here the examples can be multiplied … What is important, you have direct access to these people, you can send an inquiry, for example, about a plumber’s order and hundreds of other life issues.
These are all real people who react to everyday life matters.
What’s wrong with saying „good morning” to your neighbor over the internet? In such local communities, you use your first and last name, you know who you are dealing with. With an avatar like „Tadzio28385” or „Kitty00yoyo” or someone anonymous it is difficult to make contact unless you know what is hidden under these names – maybe it’s your daughter and her boyfriend.
And here is the next myth:
Social networks are for „young” (?)
If you think about sending kisses in pictures addressed to imaginary admirers in the virtual world, I agree. This is for young people.
Youth is always governed by its own laws, but I am talking here about an independent medium, widely available, for everyone, regardless of age.
Maybe in social media, maybe for the first time, you have the opportunity to show what you are sincerely interested in. This method allows you to slowly discover yourself.
Topics are no longer imposed by politicians, lobbyists trying to maintain an old system of suggesting what is important to YOU.
Now you may find that you are interested in the practical side of life, independent of politics, big business or even religion, which have always divided societies, under the guise of combining them.
With real friends, you keep in touch and constantly, you build relationships. Especially with those you meet with tea on a Friday afternoon. A friend from Australia is also important.
I am talking here about real people, a community built thanks to social media.
Instead, watch „Titanic” for the 10th time, chat with friends, look, find and share interesting information. Record yourself when baking cookies or pruning flowers in the garden.
Imagine the situation:
Mature woman is making a live broadcast from a walk in the park. The broadcast is watched or listened to by friends: a friend shopping at the supermarket with a headset in her ears, when she’s putting the pasta into a trolley, a colleague peeking at the iPod display while reading a newspaper in a cafe or a daughter who sees where is her mother.
Real people connected through the device designed for that. This is not a world of illusion. The world of illusion occurs where marketing builds the illusion of something perfect, create the illusion of something perfect.
The illusion is for people who sigh at the sight of a beautiful photo and do not notice the sunset sun, which they are a witness in the real world.
When you turn over on the street, passers-by who helped you get up can count on joint selfie on Instagram. Those who saw you and maybe took a picture without helping you are just beings identified with the virtual world. It is „4Bab4” or „proud23p”.
Build relationships with real friends. I know that it’s easier to share a photo of a cat with a friend from Canada than with a real neighbor, but:
Social media is more effective in connecting people than creating divisions – I believe in it. Thanks to global contacts, exchange of your personal insights about the world around you – you will notice that all this evil is in retreat and that positive, open and practical people they have an advantage.
You are not unique when you read books and do not use social networks. You will be unique when you share what you read and inspire others to read through social media.
Imagine a mother who uses „Snapchat” in contact with her daughter every morning, or a grandfather in a doggy mask, sending „Goodnight” to grandchildren, or maybe telling them a story? Often, these few seconds make a difference in our daily lives, which is real and essential.
It is time to stop being indignant at people immersed in their mobile devices on trains, in the subway or at the station. Think about what was before this: they sat next to each other, mostly silent, deep inside themselves. You do not believe that before people talked to each other like chirping birds on the branch.
I think that the era of openness is coming.
Openness to other people gives meaning to life, despite exposure to criticism on their part, which can only strengthen you anyway
A profile on social media shows a lot about a man. I think that every politician who wants to represent a part of the society, for the money of this society, should undergo a real assessment with the help of social media platforms.
Already now watching some profiles of politicians and their statements – although most of these profiles are created by so-called specialists – these profiles show egotistical, interesting careerists on whom I would never vote, even for a political party that brings together such people.
I am glad that huge empty slogans on the billboards – costing a lot of money – have less influence on the voter than the social media profile.
Ending this short motivational episode:
It’s time to speed up, take care of yourself and start building a network of connections between friends, create groups, build relationships.
Be true and honest. This can be a fascinating road.
Regards and please let me know what you think about it.
Paweł Kosiński


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