Exercise with „no comment”

fantasy-silanceIf you know what to do, so that why you comment? Why do you report about it?
I suggest an exercise with „no comment”.
If we know what to do in the morning, just after waking up why are we commenting on it in our heads?
As a rule, ours, at least 30 minutes after the morning awakening,
is almost the same every day.
You can call it a morning routine. Every evening just before going to bed, we know what we will be doing, just after waking up the next day.
Even so, when this moment of morning awakening follows, we comment on these moments and as a rule, this comment is negative
I do not mean sudden, unexpected, circumstances but repeated for many years talking to yourself in your head.
Even if you „program yourself” in the evening:
-hell, tomorrow I have to get up again early.
You imagine this awakening as something a difficult to tolerate. But ok, you know what is waiting for you.
The next day, you wake up early in the morning, you delay getting out of bed. It’s not easy – just as you predicted. And what are you doing?
You comment on the situation in which you found yourself. Often you are looking for guilty that you have to wake up that early.
Of course, you find guilty of this situation. The badly organized world is to blame. The one who invented making money is also guilty. At the end, you blame yourself that you can not change it.
Everything would be ok if not for the fact that you are repeating this ritual even for years. Day by day you put yourself into the vile mood.
Is there any sense to comment on what is in your mind in such a way as if you were the rapporteur of an event? You are not a TV announcer.
„Already have to get up”, „I still want to sleep”, „Again the same”, „You have to go there again”, „I will not be able to have breakfast again”. „Where’s the toothpaste?” „Ah, those kids.” You know that there are hundreds of thoughts of this type.
Instead of commenting on what is in the moment, start accepting this moment.
The alarm clock wakes up you, you can hardly open your eyes, you stretch, you lift up, you know where the bathroom is, you go there, you know what to do in the bathroom, you do it … You feel heavy, you feel it. You yawn, you feel cold, you feel hot, you just feel it …
BUT – you do not comment, you have silence in your head
You accept what is, you do not oppose it. You do not fight with what is already there with the help of thoughts… If you want to change something. Sure, do it.
In the evening, prepare what you need in the morning to avoid searching and losing time. If you are sure, that everything is in place and ready – you also will be ready.
Just before falling asleep, imagine how you wake up in the morning, what and how you do – it will allow you to fall asleep without negative thinking about the morning.
No matter what morning routine you have, set yourself a task:
After wake up, at the beginning of the first 5 minutes without commenting in the head anything … practice for fun.
The first sign showing that you are going towards to complete the task, „5 minutes of silence in the head”,  will be a lot of unnecessary thoughts. One thing you have to do is not follow them. This means not commenting on your comments.
The benefits you’ll notice from doing routine activities without inner voices in your head you will feel quite soon. You will experience different attitude but do not take my word for it, do it yourself.
Good luck
Paweł Kosinski


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