Note 4. Helpful defeat

DefeatYesterday I have talked to a young man,
he told me that he would like to be a designer
fashion, a stylist and he would like to take care
of photography as well.
The man was full of ideas for life.
I asked him a question – why does not he do all this?
He told me, first of all, he was afraid of not succeed,
and secondly, he is a little lazy.
After this conversation, I wondered if sometimes it is not like that
some of us are building in their minds a „vision of yourselves
as great and popular for the whole world.”
Some of us are motivated to act by those visions.
But for others, the idea of their magnificent is so attractive,
that in real life they are afraid of doing something in order to realize
the vision. And this is not due to laziness.
Such people are afraid
that their „vision of themselves” will fall into ruins after the first defeat.
These people are stuck in their own minds. The real world, in which
action counts first and foremost, becomes dangerous.
Dangerous not for
a real man but for his imaginary vision of himself.
Discovering „yourself” involves, among others, getting rid of
any imaginations about their „I am magnificent” or „I am not magnificent”.
Failures can cause you that thinking about yourself, those imaginary visions –
they will start to crack like soap bubbles.
And finally, you will start realizing really yourself, the real yourself.
What I wish for you and myself
Pawel Kosinski


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