Dreams and fantasies

Dreams and Fantasies

Dreams and fantasies fill up our imagination, a man since ancient times try to explore the mysterious ability to create imaginations.

There are many theories on this subject and it seems that the explanation of this phenomenon is not over

I have always been interested in the causes and effects of behavior, especially my own behavior in different contexts of my life, as well as the impact of imagination and fantasy on these behaviors.

In this short post, I will talk about dreams and fantasies, how I understand them, how beneficial and unfavorable they affect the quality of everyday life.

It started from the moment when I noticed that very often in my everyday life
I focused my attention not on where I am but on fantasizing about where I would like to be.

Everything seems to be OK. Everyone likes to dream, fantasize but
if it is done at the expense of the quality of real life – however it sounds like
it is not positive. That’s why I wanted to draw your attention to dreams and fantasies.

Imagination – as we know it is the ability to recall imaginations from memory, and the ability to create imaginations.

Dreaming and fantasizing – these are images and thoughts expressing desires that can be satisfied, but they do not necessarily stimulate specific actions on the physical plane.

When do we dream and when do we fantasize?

The ability to distinguish dreams and fantasies is, in my opinion, one of the important steps in the process of broadening our awareness of the perception of everyday life.

Because nothing else but everyday life is an area in which our sense of self, from birth to death exists.

I will use my own experience, which I hope will be helpful in this process.

Many times, in my youth, my fantasies of wealth, power and force that I could have were so great and involving that they should inspire the mind to
action, to fulfillment, to consummate desires.

However, this was not the case, quite the opposite. When the time came to face the realities, the collision with the real world caused that my youthful mind gave me the feeling of:

  • instead of motivated to make money – feeling of the most poor,
  • instead of an open and seeking solution – feeling more helpless,
  • instead of full energy to act – a feeling deprived of any faith in the fact that I have an influence on changing what I do not like

In other words. There was nothing that could motivate me to take action on the physical plane.

It is not hard to guess that with such an attitude of mind, the simplest goal allegedly leading to the wealth, power and superhuman power that I wanted to achieve became an obstacle to overcome so great that I did not even try to figure out how to achieve it. Even if, under the influence of a motivation, I started to learn how to achieve it, probably only for one reason to convince myself that it was too difficult for me.

I was returning to my little comfort, i.e. I had something to eat, where to sleep. „It is not bad” – I consoled myself in my mind, howl down the feeling of dissatisfaction caused by duties that, despite my young age, had to be fulfilled.

Why were the fantasies of wealth, power and force appearing to be a trap? Why did the fantasies take away the willingness to act?

Before I try to answer this question, I will give a different example of the impact of the imagination on everyday life.

As a young boy, I dreamed about playing drums. I used every opportunity to look at my older colleagues playing in a rock band at school parties. Many times I stood under the stage as hypnotized, staring at the musicians, my heart was tuned to the beat of the music. 

When there was an opportunity to watch the band’s attempt – I was there, ready to wear equipment, ready to any help. All so that let me watch, how they play on the instruments.

At home, in the comfort of my room, I listened to music and waved my hands in imitation of a drummer who was whacking drums. Shortly thereafter, I used plastic sticks for my mum’s handicrafts, hitting the stool with soft padding, so as not to make noise. 

The breakthrough moment in my drumming adventure was to touch real sticks and drums. One day I got permission to sit on the drums and try to play the rhythm. 

It was an event, my whole body was trembling, and the first strokes were quite correct, to the slight surprise of my older colleagues. They did not know that I practiced every day on a stool at home.

After this event, somehow I persuaded my mother to buy sticks. Real sticks were a breakthrough. These were times when there was no internet, I will remind. Cassette player, one stool and the rest of the amazing drum set only in the imagination.

During the practice, I often played one song called The Number of the Beast of the Iron Maiden group. 4 min. 25 seconds, blow after impact, tact after tact.

When I started this adventure, I did not ask myself whether I was doing it well or not, I had to be sure that I can practice alone, at home, that I have enough a tool for this. I knew more or less how to do it, I had a role model.

Playing on the drums in the imagination was like a funny game, which allowed you to feel incredible contentment and joy. From the first strokes in the stool, I moved in the imagination to the big stage where a huge audience accompanied me.

I gave myself completely to the imagination or dreams, I will not go into details. After a few years, I had the opportunity to play this song in the real world. I’ve played drums professionally in several bands for over a dozen years.

This story is completely different from the first one. In the first story, I only fantasized in the second I realized my dream by acting. But in this difference between dream and fantasizing, the effect is not the most important but the source of inspiration.

Inspiration is the impulse for doing something, especially under the strong influence of someone or something

In the first case, fantasizing was an escape from the uncomfortable, unpleasant situation that occurred in real life.

For a young person, „thirst for wealth” could be an unconscious defensive reaction, protecting against feelings of low value, humiliation.

Such a feeling can be caused by a real situation. Comment of friends, colleagues:

-„I was on vacation in Greece, and you sat at home as usual?”

Or caused by the way of interpreting reality expressed in an internal voice:

-„Everyone went somewhere, only I stayed at home.”

Everything that causes that the sense of self, I am, I have – ego in its pure form – is hurt. Examples, of course, can be multiplied: too low pocket money compared to others, no new model of smartphone, iPhone, fashionable clothes, etc.

In fantasies about wealth, in expressive visions about showing your money and everything you can buy for it – the wounded ego wanted revenge on the surrounding, even on specific characters.

In fantasies about power, it was revenge on the environment, which enforced the performance of duties, and in visions of power all opponents fell on their knees and begged pity. The inspiration for such fantasies was the hurt sense of me.

In fantasies inspired by the „ego”, by this „little mind”, desires are „satisfied” in the imagination and only in the imagination, it is a subconscious process.

Man lives with his head in the clouds and that gives him a sense of satisfaction. If only he realizes „where he is” then he must decide whether he takes a specific action in connection with this desire or considers such visions as meaningless and gets rid of them like dust from shoes.

Of course, there are plenty of examples of satisfying the EGO in the context of the wealth and power in the history of mankind, it is always madness, collective insanity – but this is another topic.

The fantasizing EGO deprives a man of the ability to see what is happening in reality, and in the relationship between „I” and the world. Such a relationship is distorted.

For a man whose mind is dominated by the ego, comparing the world of fantasy and the real world is not nice and can be an incentive to stay in the world of illusion. For the environment such a man will become more and more introverted, isolated from reality, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of life will be none

For such a person the real world will appear hostile, and aggression towards what is, will be the only way to survive …. Because everything that is real will deprive him of illusion, which is a great place for existence for the ego.

In the second example, the dream, or rather a form of visualization, was not inspired by the ego, it did not come from the small mind but from outside of a small mind (as I call the ego)

And it does not matter what name I use, whether it came from the „real self” or from the „heart” – all these names indicate something that is beyond the mind.

So what is the answer to the question: how to recognize the source of inspiration?

The answer is „I DO NOT KNOW”.

It is easier to recognize the ego, which stops you from acting or realizes your goals at the expense of others, the ego which is afraid of failure, humiliation, loss, mistakes ….

When the spark of inspiration is revealed in the mind, the ego can suppress it. Probably, this is the reason why we often need to motivated to follow the dreams, to listening to the „real self” or „heart” – but this is another topic.

The quoted story relate to a young man, but answer yourself to the question: „Does age have any meaning here? Considering that in older age we have a more sophisticated ego. At the end it is worth paying attention to something that is very characteristic.

We live everyday life, we have our comfort and non-comfort zone. Apparently, everything is fine but: we want to do something, find something, learn something, change something. We want to go beyond what is.

How to distinguish a dream from fantasy?
The only way is to check this in action on the physical plane. You will quickly learn what fantasy is and what a real dream is. Simply the dream you will start realizing and fantasy will always remain a fantasy

Let us not be fooled by the excuses of our own mind, let us not suppress in ourselves the spark of inspiration.
This is one of the ways to do what you want.

Thank you for your attention, please let me know what you think about it.

Paweł Kosinski



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