Exercise: Contemplation of Emptiness

I believe that from time to time we should devote some time to considering what surrounds us. I wrote a few sentences that I hope will help you turn your attention to something that surrounds us.

The words I use here are only indicator. If only we can, thanks to these words, enter into a silent state of mind, then words – in the form of thoughts – after some time they’ll lose their meaning in favor of feeling.

There is no need to organize exceptional and extraordinary conditions to use the skill of focusing attention. Even if we want to direct our attention to something „unusual” and at the same time universal. I’ve complicated it a little, that’s why immediately I’m going to the point.

A comfortable position with a bit of peace is enough. If you’ll feel that you want to stop for the moment, after reading some of the sentences, stop and immerse yourself in contemplation. Here we go.

Note, that everything that you perceive, what you can imagine exists in „something”.

All the things, objects, every thought appear in „something”, which is its environment.

The sound appears in silence.

Everything is revealed in space.

Space seems to be infinite, ubiquitous.

Empty space. Even the letters you read are surrounded by space.
In empty space, everything reveals to our senses.

When you focus your attention on this Emptiness, and not on what appears in it, then you with your own thoughts, emotions, feelings, with your own body … you move to a different place. You become the object.

Everything surrounds the space. Empty Space, which is the background of everything.

Now turn your attention to the Emptiness that surrounds your breath … Focus on the space in which your body is … Space in which your „I am” appears.

In this silence, every sound is revealed. Each sound is surrounded by silence. Each object is surrounded by Emptiness. Earth, moon, sun, and stars.

You become space, you become Emptiness. You are what contains everything. There is no time, time is related to the object, and you are the background for everything, for the illusion of time too…

When you come back to the body, to the breath, the consciousness of space, the presence of this emptiness is the background of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings…

I wish this to you, and myself too.

Paweł Kosinski



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