002. Why Business for Health

I must learn to make the movie

I am fascinated by the liberation of the mind from the „stupidity” that they are, among others: imaginary fears and dangers that they are closing us in tight boxes built from views and opinions.

As you well know, attempts to go beyond these limitations are related not only with stress and strong „mental blocks” („it’s not for me”, „I can not do it”, „leave me alone” and others) but above all they arouse contempt, dislike or even hostility towards all those for whom overcoming one’s limitations is something normal in everyday life.

This can be seen through hate, unfounded and unconstructive criticism of those who, despite their mistakes and failures in action, want to tirelessly overcome their own weaknesses. This process of break free from limitations applies to virtually every sphere of everyday life. Just this process is the change.

Clearly feeling the need to change

There is a saying that when you have truly enough suffering a change will come. It is also a different one: if you’re happy, do not screw up it. 

However, the desire to change may result from a countless of reasons, for example from wanting to help others. In any case, when you ask yourself: what do I want to change? Answers will appear themselves. 

To tell the truth, I have a deep conviction that each of us is accompanied by a desire to do something. Activity is a gift that we use every day. 

Clearly feeling the need for change often accompanies us for years, we do not know how to do it. We hide it somewhere deeply, because there is always something more important in some strange way.

Realizing that there are limitations in us.  

Instead of waiting for a good opportunity, favorable conditions, making them responsible for the situations in which we find ourselves after all we realize that change should take place above all in us. 

It is often difficult to admit to ourselves that it is difficult for us to speak not only at public meetings, but it is also difficult for us to start a conversation with a newly met person.  We rarely present our own opinion among strangers.

The fear of being evaluated by others paralyzes our desire to express what we have long wanted to express. We hardly ever use a short „no” in situations where it is consistent and consistent with our position. A sense of inferiority to so-called authorities, well-off people, even better-dressed (in our opinion) pushes us to the so-called worse position. 

In the spirit we regret that we did not do something, we did not say something, and even if we did something, we often feel remorse, because maybe we should not behave this way. 

All of the above examples result from our limitations. We are sitting in a „mental box” built of outdated beliefs and we are afraid to leave it.

It is important to realize that our „I can not” do it is in other words only „I do not know” how to do it, which is why it is important to:

Recognizing and focusing only on what we have a real impact on.

We influence our way of thinking, our views, self-esteem, commitment, perseverance … We influence our actions. We have an impact on breaking our fears, limitations – we break them.

When we change „I can not” to „I do not know” we are completely in a different position. We have an impact on searching, finding and acquiring knowledge. I will not mention a large number of trainers, coaches, and psychologists who provide advice and knowledge. 

At the beginning, it does not have to be milestones, although you can throw yourself into deep water. Anyway, what for one person (the context of overcoming fears) is only a hill for another will be the mountain of Mount Everest.

From own experience.

The whole blog and all the content that I place on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms, is documenting my own experiences related to overcoming my own weaknesses and limitations. This is my way to overcome my fears. I just try to put all this into some story. One of the ways to overcome my own limitations (as old as the world) which I still successfully use is:

I enter consciously into the fear zone

First of all, I recognize the fear that limits me, and then I enter the place where this fear appears. 

For example, I was afraid of people’s opinions about my image published in social media (this is an example of a strong EGO, opinion about myself and the desire to protect this view from the opinion of others). These fears were so strong that I did not even want to use social media platforms.

When I realized this, I published my image on social media almost immediately. I acted in this way until the ego under the name „My big face in social media” ceased to have it’s destructive, limiting influence.

I believe you understand me well. The limitation related to the fear of a selfish image did not let me use these communication tools freely.

Therefore, this time, a limiting fear of: „selling”; „recommending”; „making new friends”; „refusal”; „ridicule”; „hate”; „self-management”; „self-employment”and many more …

THESE ALL FEARSI consciously take, to the zone of „cold and ruthless online business”.

Where could I find a better combat training ground? I’m ready for it.

Readiness to take action 

Last detail. From my own experience I know that no matter what action we take, we should feel a clear willingness to take it. We can generate such readiness ourselves with the help of an enormous number of „motivators”.

Getting rid of or getting used to your own fears helps you stay in good health. And that’s actually the explanation of the title, I should call it a project – „Business for health”.To be continued!

Pawel Kosinski



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