Note 6. The change

Image by Bess Hamiti from Pixabay

There are two ways to enter the process of changing the way of life. So, changes in what your day looks like, what are your relationships with your loved ones, what are your friends and acquaintances, how do you make money and satisfy the needs of existence, how do your desires and intentions look like and you know what else …

Either alone or under the influence of inspiration from the outside you will stop for a moment, look around and you will know what to change, or it will be so hard and hard for you that you wake up thinking: „I have enough, I have to change something”.

It seems that there is also a third option, namely you will wait for something to change itself (somehow it will be). But you have to take into account that this option is only related to reacting to what is.

I will quote a short story in this connection.

In the middle of a large field stands a tree, it is still young and not too strong. A wind dances around the tree, moving the thin branches of the tree. The tree grows up and becomes strong and very well rooted, it is proud of its strength and stability. The tree is attached to a place that he considers to be his, he feels good with it. The wind dances around, sometimes weak, menacing and sometimes brisk, light and warm and cold. The wind is in constant motion even when it is not felt by a powerful tree. The wind has no permanent place, no roots, there is nothing to attach to. His „stability” is movement. Strong branches of the tree are moved only under the influence of wind and it looks like as the tree is dancing with the wind. However, when the tree is getting older, its branches are getting weaker. The wind, dancing its dance, breaks some of the branches of the tree. The tree gives the impression that every move hurts him. When the tree loses all branches and begins to transform into dust, the wind continues to dance its dance, being constantly in motion. 

Either you’re waiting for or you decide to change constantly.

Pawel Kosinski



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