Note 7. Responsibility

Speak to yourself as many times as you need: „I brought myself to this place where I am now.”Taking responsibility for your physical and mental state, accepting it, is the introduction to change.

The need for change, which I am talking about here, is to concern limitations that are within us and not outside.I’ll explain it briefly.

If you feel something missing (time, money, or even physical condition, mental calmness, self-confidence …) or you feel that you would like to change something, then you must take personal responsibility for this state.Why?

Think if rain is responsible for your mood, what can you do? Wait for better weather.If you make your job responsible for your lack of time, do you think that work will change itself and be more kind to you?

Do you believe in miracles? I know that they happen more often than you think, but miracles don’t happen to those who WAIT for these miracles.

Responsibility means knowing the answer to the question of what to do. Taking responsibility on yourself is the consent, accepting that I have to find the answer to the question of what to do in a context of life.

Responsibility in this sense gives SOMETHING what is shown by „creators of their own lives”.”Heroes” who describe it in books and preach in public appearances, namely:

The ability to do, what they are responsible for themselves, despite effort, pain, discouragement, resistance, and failure.

One more sentence of this shortcut of thoughts.If you make the discomfort zone your battleground, your gym, You will be on the way to practice your own attitude and then to control it.

Paweł Kosinski



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