Jestem i Ja 1    Thank you for your visit to this place. I write down what concerns my daily life. English is not my first language, that’s why everything I write here is an additional challenge for me. For you, it can be not easy. I just want to document everything that is related to experience.

To be honest I don’t know WHY one of my passion is the English Language. I have family, job, many duties in my ordinary life, but when I’m sitting with my laptop and I’m writing the true story of my life I am very happy.

I have not got any education in English and I learn every day by myself. I make many errors – probably even don’t know about them. But I try to improve my English by writing only about what is important to me.

The same way I build  FB page,   Youtube, and others

I invite you to follow my story

Pawel Kosinski