Exercise: Contemplation of Emptiness

I invite you to an exercise that will help you to turn your attention from yourself to something surround you.


Exercise with „no comment”

If you know what to do, so that why you comment? Why do you report about it? I suggest an exercise with "no comment". If we know what to do in the morning, just after waking up why are we commenting on it in our heads? As a rule, ours, at least 30 minutes after... Czytaj dalej →

Practices with my own anger

Hi, today I have an exercise for you with "my own anger". Practical, useful on the way to extend self-awareness. I immediately go to the subject: When I'll notice the feeling of anger, nervousness, irritation in everyday situations, caused by my behavior, the behavior of others or by any situation Then I will ask myself:... Czytaj dalej →

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