Note 4. Helpful defeat

Yesterday I have talked to a young man, he told me that he would like to be a designer fashion, a stylist and he would like to take care of photography as well. The man was full of ideas for life. I asked him a question - why does not he do all this? He... Czytaj dalej →


Note 3. Cheap fear

Somebody said: "The easiest way is to sell fear" Therefore, do not buy. Each of us has access to ideas, concepts, and new solutions in all areas of life. At your fingertips, you have access to motivation, inspiration, even to methods that release more energy ... but not everyone wants to "buy". Among the many... Czytaj dalej →

Note 2. Learned conditions

We were taught to "conditions" of happiness, We were taught to "desires" of being loved, admired. But to live our own lives, we have to unlearn this nonsense. When conditions are set, for example to achieve something, after fulfilling them you have a sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction similarly how excitement is an emotion that comes... Czytaj dalej →

Notes. Briefly about self-awareness

Self-awareness allows you to discover yourself who you really are, not what you would like to be. When you understand who you are you will start to realize yourself truly. Who you would like to be is a guideline towards the goal, but it can also be a reason to escape from the real yourself.... Czytaj dalej →

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