HTIME 9. Addiction to opinions (text)

To take into account the opinions of other people is one thing. Being addicted to the opinions of other people is a disease. Hi, I'm glad I can talk a bit in English This is the 9th episode that I translate into English from my original podcast "USG Opowiadacz historii" This time Again this important... Czytaj dalej →


HTIME 8. EGO – my identity(text)

I believe that life is about discovering, recognizing and experiencing. Whatever it is and does not take place at the expense of other people is worth documenting. I'm glad I can talk a bit in English. This is another episode of my adventure with recording HTIME podcast. Today I will talk briefly about the ego... Czytaj dalej →

HTIME 7. Power of words (+text)

HTIME - How To Improve My English. Hi, I'm Pawel Kosinski and this is episode number 7. I'm very glad I can practice my English but most important is that you still listen to this and you can check me, rate and correct mistakes. You can be my teacher or join a group on Facebook -My Practice... Czytaj dalej →

Big face on Facebook

I recorded a very short episode. It is about: how I crushed my own fear. Fear of feeling uncomfortable feelings.                                                   Everyone has little fears that stop us to do something more in... Czytaj dalej →

Podcast HTIME 3

This podcast is a summarize my one monthly adventure with speaking in English. All that I'm saying, I'm reading. Only one sentence I say "live" about my kids when they tried "corrupt" my recording. Enjoy. Transcription "Hi! This is episode number 3. I'm Pawel Kosinski and I'm very glad I can practice my English but... Czytaj dalej →

Podcast HTIME 1 Transcript: H TIME 1 How to improve my english Hi In this episode, by the way, in my first one, I try to say something in the English language. That will be very short speech and want to say about my new idea. I start to learn the Italian language, step by step, one... Czytaj dalej →

Podcast HTIME 2

This is episode nr 2 and This time, on my training ground with English,  I'd like to tell you a little bit about my first post, on the facebook page.

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