HTIME 10. Disturbing „ego”     I believe that one of the most interesting experiences that everyday life allows us is to discovering and unmasking our own ego. Ego - composed of beliefs on its own subject - thought creature.     Hi, I'm glad I can talk a bit in EnglishThis is the 10th episode that I translate... Czytaj dalej →


Note 5. Do not blame your ego.

Do not blame your ego for your failures. You create your own ego yourself. This is your reflection in the mirror and shadow on the wall. In other words, when you look in the mirror, be ready to face the truth. Do not run away to the excuses, take responsibility on yourself. And do not... Czytaj dalej →

Meditation for „the brave”

Quite an unusual, even repulsive for some, meditation or maybe more - contemplation. I met a mention of it many years ago in the book Anthony de Mello "Awakening." Being impressed by this book and being not enough experienced with everyday life, I tasted what is new. At a young age, this cognitive process was... Czytaj dalej →

The Joy of Being

The feeling of happiness or unhappiness depends on what is happening around us. The sense of happiness and unhappiness is short-lived. I will compare them to the taste of food. When you eat something tasty you feel pleasure, you enjoy the taste. The moment you finish your food, the taste goes away. Similarly, when you... Czytaj dalej →

HTIME 7. Power of words (+text)

HTIME - How To Improve My English. Hi, I'm Pawel Kosinski and this is episode number 7. I'm very glad I can practice my English but most important is that you still listen to this and you can check me, rate and correct mistakes. You can be my teacher or join a group on Facebook -My Practice... Czytaj dalej →

Awareness – is not goal.

Everyone text I write here, I direct to myself and share it with you, my friend. It's better doing it than only just write and read about it. I wish you and myself, to be good practitioners. How many thousands of wisdom has already been written? How many times the same sentences have been repeated? Not enough?... Czytaj dalej →


So far, I have touched upon the topics of leadership and thankfulness.... Our surroundings affect our attitude of mind. The attitude of the mind affects the readiness to act and the quality of this action. When we are aware of what affects us, we have a chance to choose. Thousands of information affect our mindset What... Czytaj dalej →

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