Dreams and fantasies

I have always been interested in the causes and effects of behavior, especially my own behavior in different contexts of my life, as well as the impact of imagination and fantasy on these behaviors.


Disturbing „ego”

    I believe that one of the most interesting experiences that everyday life allows us is to discovering and unmasking our own ego. Ego - composed of beliefs on its own subject - thought creature.     Here is the story for today: It's interesting. Finally, often after many years, you can do something only... Czytaj dalej →

Practices with my own anger

Hi, today I have an exercise for you with "my own anger". Practical, useful on the way to extend self-awareness. I immediately go to the subject: When I'll notice the feeling of anger, nervousness, irritation in everyday situations, caused by my behavior, the behavior of others or by any situation Then I will ask myself:... Czytaj dalej →

EGO – my identity

Identity. This topic has always attracted my attention and will probably remain so because as long as we exist, we will be created or maintain existing identities. Ego - you can find the definition of the word in many places with ease. I am not a psychologist or a religious scholar. For my own (selfish)... Czytaj dalej →

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