Openness – social media

[extended post from December 2017] Tell this to your dad, mum, maybe a friend, sister or maybe grandma ... Tell this to yourself! Time to speed up, or forget about dozing in the chair for the next 50 years. Anyway. I do not care. It is time to speed up before your brain turns into... Czytaj dalej →


Unmasking stupidity

A look at your own views and opinions gives us a chance to change them and grow in the new direction. Uncritical acceptance of the opinions of other people is a limitation. Do you want to be limited in thinking - this is stupid. Above all, it is not necessary at all.  Asking yourself the questions is... Czytaj dalej →

Imagination and purpose

  This time, this post is not easy to write.  This time someone will pay attention to the correctness of the text and catch me on mistakes. I rely only on the dictionary/translator and poor grammar knowledge. I try to describe some exercise that I often use. If I'll use my imagination I can go to... Czytaj dalej →

The way to the destination

I can be happy, that every day I go ahead to my goals or I can be sad, that I have not achieved them yet. The sadness, in this case - is an ordinary complaining. The joy of each day's journey to the destination - it's common sense   Some people say: why doing anything,... Czytaj dalej →

Awareness – is not goal.

Everyone text I write here, I direct to myself and share it with you, my friend. It's better doing it than only just write and read about it. I wish you and myself, to be good practitioners. How many thousands of wisdom has already been written? How many times the same sentences have been repeated? Not enough?... Czytaj dalej →

Big face on Facebook

I recorded a very short episode. It is about: how I crushed my own fear. Fear of feeling uncomfortable feelings.                                                   Everyone has little fears that stop us to do something more in... Czytaj dalej →

Post 8 Creative life

You create our world. Your thoughts, emotions - our inner world Your behavior - our outer world By being grateful and open-minded... We can observe what's going on By doing small things with passion You make big changes in our world By inspiring others through the activities We create our world

Post 2 Politicians

Hi, in this post, I practice my English with the topic: politicians. On the facebook's page How To Improve The English Language I wrote the short note: "If politicians are our mirror reflex, we should quickly get to work on ourselves. If we wait for them, we will wait forever. How much time do we have?... Czytaj dalej →

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